Ages 9-99


So today while I was waiting for my brother to FINALLY pick out a game to play (Apples to Apples, I won in case you were wondering), I noticed a sticker on the side which said “For ages 9-99”. Here I am thinking, what the heck?? Why can’t 100-year-old people play? So when I turn one hundred, and I’m sitting in the nursing home, playing games, waiting around to die, I can’t play my favorite game. Nope, no more Apples to Apples for me! Why do companies bother putting that? Why not just 9+? Is that such a horrible idea? Maybe I’m crazy, but I feel like that is just unfair.

Anyway, to put an end to my rambling rant, I’m going to talk books for a minute. Or two. I guess it depends on how long it takes you to read…Another absolutely timeless read (ages 11+ <–see! not excluding the old people), is The Inheritance Cycle. The first book, Eragon, was introduced to me by my grandpa Doodad. He was a LOTR fanatic, and was crazy about these! I on the other hand, could not stand even The Hobbit, (sorry fans out there, its just not for me!) but I loved them anyway. They do require attention to details, i.e. don’t read them while watching TV, but they have a great plot, good action, and even a little love story! Plus the author is really cool, I met him with my friends Taylor and Sean. Next time you’re looking for a good long series to obsess over, give these a thought if you haven’t already!

Until next time!


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