My certifiably insane, wild, perfect family


Families. They’re nuts. They’re weird. And we love them anyway because they’re ours. There’s that aunt that you think “Oops…she really did say that out loud,” every time she talks, the uncle who forever ruins any song his lips touch, and the grandmother who could spend an hour telling a two-sentence story. But I know that I’d do anything for them. I love my cousins, even when the only game they want to play is ‘smell my piggies’. Yes, there are multiple times, usually per day, that I want to kill my sister. At the end of the day, I love her. Even though no one can push my buttons faster than she can. Sure, there’s plenty of times when I’d like nothing more than to sew my little brother’s mouth shut. Yet, I still love him at the end of the day.

Oh the cliches! I know, guys, I know. So what are your favorite things about your family? Things you absolutely can’t stand? For every response I get, I’ll tell an embarrassing family story.

Until next time!!


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