Ages 9-99


So today while I was waiting for my brother to FINALLY pick out a game to play (Apples to Apples, I won in case you were wondering), I noticed a sticker on the side which said “For ages 9-99”. Here I am thinking, what the heck?? Why can’t 100-year-old people play? So when I turn one hundred, and I’m sitting in the nursing home, playing games, waiting around to die, I can’t play my favorite game. Nope, no more Apples to Apples for me! Why do companies bother putting that? Why not just 9+? Is that such a horrible idea? Maybe I’m crazy, but I feel like that is just unfair.

Anyway, to put an end to my rambling rant, I’m going to talk books for a minute. Or two. I guess it depends on how long it takes you to read…Another absolutely timeless read (ages 11+ <–see! not excluding the old people), is The Inheritance Cycle. The first book, Eragon, was introduced to me by my grandpa Doodad. He was a LOTR fanatic, and was crazy about these! I on the other hand, could not stand even The Hobbit, (sorry fans out there, its just not for me!) but I loved them anyway. They do require attention to details, i.e. don’t read them while watching TV, but they have a great plot, good action, and even a little love story! Plus the author is really cool, I met him with my friends Taylor and Sean. Next time you’re looking for a good long series to obsess over, give these a thought if you haven’t already!

Until next time!


My certifiably insane, wild, perfect family


Families. They’re nuts. They’re weird. And we love them anyway because they’re ours. There’s that aunt that you think “Oops…she really did say that out loud,” every time she talks, the uncle who forever ruins any song his lips touch, and the grandmother who could spend an hour telling a two-sentence story. But I know that I’d do anything for them. I love my cousins, even when the only game they want to play is ‘smell my piggies’. Yes, there are multiple times, usually per day, that I want to kill my sister. At the end of the day, I love her. Even though no one can push my buttons faster than she can. Sure, there’s plenty of times when I’d like nothing more than to sew my little brother’s mouth shut. Yet, I still love him at the end of the day.

Oh the cliches! I know, guys, I know. So what are your favorite things about your family? Things you absolutely can’t stand? For every response I get, I’ll tell an embarrassing family story.

Until next time!!